Unapologetic Leaders: Defying the traditional rules of leadership

Unapologetic Leaders: Defying the traditional rules of leadership

The world and workplace is changing, and it needs more great leaders. Leaders who give a damn. Leaders from every background. Leaders who want to build up the people around them and help them to succeed. Leadership is not just another task that's on our plates as entrepreneurs and career people - it's actually our purpose. And it can be SO hard. We need individuals that aren't married to the idea of crawling over one another to reach the corner office, and instead are motivated by a new way of life. Who would rather build strong teams and make some magic. So where do we start? By having honest conversations about intentional leadership development, redefining what it means to be a leader in 2018 and beyond, by learning from badass leaders who have gone before us, and by celebrating all of our failures AND wins. We start leading our industry and our communities by stepping up and doing the work ourselves and learning how to let go and let our work flourish. We promise to inspire you, to encourage you, to give you our honest opinions and tell you our most embarrassing secrets. Well, maybe not that last part.

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    Ep 001 — Defining What It Means To Lead

    How do we define leadership in the online business space? What makes someone a leader? Join us for our first ever episode where we break it down with our thoughts and set the stage for a season filled with leaders who break the mold.

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